Maid of Honor Responsibilities – Exciting Duties of the Bride’s Best Friend

Maid of honor responsibilities must not be taken lightly and not too seriously at the same time. What this means is that you have fun completing or doing every task assigned to you as the maid of honor but also not to feel worry about it. You must accept it as a good, loyal friend to the bride. Whether you are a girl friend, a biological sister or maybe aunt or niece, you have a special place in her life that’s why she chooses you to be her main bridesmaid. So, begin the exciting adventure of being a matron of honor for a wedding through the guideline below.

One responsibility of a maid of honor is to assist the bride in making selections, ordering stuffs and running other essential errands. During the selection of her bridal dress, the bride might ask you to go with her to the store and be one of her fashion gurus of what to get. It is possible that you would help her choose bridesmaid dresses too. The choice of stationery to use for the invitations may be also decided with your advice or suggestion. The selection and purchasing of flowers for bouquets could be on the maid of honor list too. You must have a good way of picking out choices in that regard since you are a woman yourself too or have the time to make orders. Assisting her is surely one of the simplest maid of honor responsibilities you can do. Just have the best and truthful opinion to extend your hand whenever she needs it.

You may not be only asked to help the bride but to work with the best man. There is always a possibility that you are going to host together at the rehearsal dinner. Not to mention to plan for the bachelor and bachelorette party unless they are separately held. Some couples may decide to have a joint party at the end of the night so every single lady and guy can meet and potentially date. If not, then it can still be your job to organize things for the bachelorette party. Again, have the time and resources then be fully committed toward achieving it. Another possible duty you and the best man would do is to help send invitations to some, if not all, guests. Even if you share time, creativity and abilities with the best man, you must put extra effort and do not depend on him too much as they are still your maid of honor responsibilities.

If you can put time and effort for simpler and easier tasks, the more you give for other duties that are solely for you to complete. One of those major maid of honor responsibilities is to write a wedding speech. This is personal so it is very important that you express your heart and mind and not just opinion. Of course, you tell other things that are based on experiences. You are going to deliver a speech to testify as well as to give your own sincere remarks to the couple most particularly to the bride.

During the wedding, it is your duty and responsibility to showcase your very best. You must wear a genuine smile, march on the aisle gracefully and do as what you told. After your wedding speech, your maid of honor responsibilities and duties may not yet be over. It is possible that you have to help out as well in clearing things out like returning rented chairs, settling payment from the florist, and the like. Well, you still have to be happy whatever you need to do. Check out our website for more details regarding this matter.