Personalize Every Detail of Your Wedding

It is a great feeling once your long time girlfriend has finally said “yes” to your proposal. For a woman, it is an emotional situation when the boyfriend pops up the big question. Anyone who has been in that kind of experience will surely testify just how phenomenal the feeling is. You cannot wait until you are the moment of exchanging your “I dos” before your parents, siblings, other family relatives and friends. Well, you are probably a step closer to that day and maybe looking forward to it. As you keep that excitement in you, here are tips and ideas of how you can plan and arrange your own wedding.

The most basic and general aspect of planning a wedding is the theme. It is easier to identify the location, color of decorations and style of wedding dresses if you have a theme. You may like a beach wedding, a country feel wedding, Victorian inspired wedding, a church wedding or a simple garden wedding. There are various themes to select from for wedding celebrations. When you select, it must be based on your interest and personality as a couple. That way it becomes more meaningful and very significant.

The wedding venue must be a good, interesting place. It must not only be chosen because it matches your theme but also holds a large number of people. It really does not matter where as long as the place is a great place to gather with your family and friends. Besides, you have to celebrate with your loved ones. The only thing that matters is the decoration of the venue. The area where the ceremony takes place must be romantic and memorable. The location of the reception party has to be magnificent, lively and colorful. Overall, it would be a great party for everybody, not just you, but also all of your guests.

Every person close to your life and family circle deserves an invitation. You must list down all their names to make sure everyone has a date-to-save card received. Separate those people who have special participation on the ceremonial march. These refer to the witnesses or principal sponsors, the maid of honor, the best man, the other bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the ring bearer, the flower girls and your parents, of course. There will be also singers or bands for the wedding which you have to specify on the checklist. Do not forget just how important to have an officiating minister who would legally make you husband and wife.

The invitations to send, name tags and other stuffs that must be printed can be personalized. This is your best chance to have something unique at your wedding. Instead of the typical envelope and letter, your invitations may be scrolled in and tied in a beautiful strips of organic leaves. Another brilliant idea is to put insert a small piece of paper inside a shell and people can only pull them to read the details of the invitation. Well, there are obviously several creative and unique ideas of how you can customize invitations along with name tags to put on the table.

On your list, include the foods and beverages to serve during your reception. Choose tasty dishes and healthy drinks since there will be various types of people to attend. The favors are the food stuff that you can personalize so they look presentable and more unique.

The last thing and one of the most important aspects of preparing a wedding is the attire. You must select a good style for your own wedding dress before you proceed to the dresses of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearer. Anyway, they all have to be matched with the event’s theme.