Wedding to Do List – The Very Key to Prepare the Event

Listing all things that you need to do in organizing your wedding is a great way to prepare so have a wedding to do list. You can do your task properly and smoothly if you have a wedding planning list. Some of the things that you should list down on your wedding plan are your wedding ceremony and reception venue, invitation cards, foods and beverages, dresses and shoes, bouquets and flowers, decorations and speeches. We will discuss each of these to so you know just how important they are to be listed down on a wedding plan.

It is sad that some couples are disregarding the importance of a wedding to do list. Some just think of what they need without really writing down and that gives the tendency to forget things. What’s worse that may happen is when they have to rush things that can possibly result to dissatisfaction or not great at all. You do not want that to happen for your wedding so you must take down and keep the list to yourself. Whether it is a simple or an extravagant wedding you need a plan. It helps you manage your expenses, which is very important.

The first thing to have on your wedding to do list is the location for the ceremony and reception. Think whether they are in one place or separated. Sometimes, the ceremony may happen in a church, while the reception is going to take place in an exclusive restaurant. If it is a beach or garden wedding, most of the time both parties are held in the same place. After you choose, make a reservation and once this is settled you can prepare the invitations.

The invitations have to be on the list as well. You need the time and date enlisted on the invites. In preparing, it is important to select beautiful stationery that matches the wedding theme. You must know when to send out the invitations. They are save-the-day cards for all wedding attendees that you want to invite.

Decorations and flowers have to be given importance. This aspect has many requirements because you need some stuff to use and display in beautifying your wedding. You must have the best lighting, unique table centerpieces and fresh beautiful flowers. Speaking of flowers, there are separate ones for the bouquets the bride and the bridesmaid including the flower girl have to use.

On your wedding to do list, the dresses for you and your partner, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the bearer and flower girls are included. They are among the top priorities and expensive ones to spend for.

Other things to hire like videographers and photographers, DJs and musicians, the officiating minister and food caterers are not excluded. Make sure that you write down your appointment with them to be able to reserve or book in advance. In case, they are not available then at least you still have some time to look for other choices.

Finally, the wedding speeches must not be also forgotten. You have to list that down too so you are reminded to do it before the day of your wedding. Whether you are the bride or the groom, a wedding speech and toast is one thing that has to be well prepared.

Preparing all these things is very stressful and requires a lot of time that’s why you must make a plan. With a wedding to do list, you can make every single thing a lot easier, smoother and better to achieve. That’s how you can make the most special day more memorable and perfect.